Mail a donation check to:

Texas Exes – Texas Men’s Soccer
P.O. Box 142309
Austin, TX 78714
Important: Make sure to include “Texas Men’s Soccer” in the memo line or make the check payable to “Texas Exes – Texas Men’s Soccer.


The UT Soccer Alumni Association, in conjunction with the Texas Exes, is embarking on a capital campaign to create an Endowment Fund to benefit the UT Men’s Soccer Club. The annual dividends from this fund will be contributed toward various club operating expenses including equipment, tournament entry, and travel and lodging, with the goal of keeping annual dues affordable for club members. The long-term goal is to grow this endowment balance to a level significant enough to provide more autonomy for the club and return material cash dividends to the club on an annual basis. The fund will help continue to achieve the club’s ongoing goal of being THE PREMIER COLLEGE CLUB SOCCER PROGRAM in the United States.

What is an Endowment?

  • Donations made to a non-profit group or institution in the form of investment funds that has a stated purpose.
  • Capital Campaign to raise donations that would create a principal balance on which an annual return (typically 4-5% annual dividends) would be paid back to the Club.

Why an Endowment? 

  • Annual dividends will help pay for various Club operating expenses.
  • Help keep annual dues affordable for club members.
  • Help the club become more financially autonomous in the long run.

Texas Exes
After multiple meetings with UT RecSports Coordinator Randall Ford and key figures within Texas Exes, Alumni leaders Josh Holley and Jon McCain reported back to a group of interested alums via conference calls, and it was decided that setting up the Endowment through Texas Exes would be in the best interest of the Club and its Alumni. Texas Exes is well equipped to handle the receipt of the donations, the donation “Thank you” letters, investment strategy for the principal balance, and the ongoing maintenance of the Endowment Fund. Texas Exes’ intent is to distribute an amount each year to our Association based on a distribution formula of our choice. However, the short-term goals of the Alumni Association are to grow the principal balance to a more substantial level by leaving the dividends in the Fund for quicker growth.

Formation of the UT Men’s Soccer Alumni Association
As part of this process, Texas Exes required that the Fund be affiliated with a 501(c)3, and the UT Men’s Soccer Alumni Association was born soon after. A fully registered Texas Nonprofit Corporation filed through the Texas Secretary of State, the Association has also been officially granted 501(c)3 status with the IRS. This creates additional annual reporting & filing requirements, and it’s our hope that our Alumni will step up and help with this.

Our next step was to sign the Endowment Agreement with Texas Exes, and they very quickly created a platform that is live and ready to accept donations. Texas Exes indicated that a minimum of $30K principal balance will be required before the fund will be endowed and distributions may begin. The ongoing Capital Campaign is the next step!

To advance The University of Texas at Austin with a club soccer program that enhances the student experience, promotes student-alumni interaction, establishes a spirit of loyalty to the University and the Club, and cultivates relationships between students: past, present, and future.


  • Excellence on the Soccer Field and in the classroom
  • Longhorn spirit and tradition
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Diversity
  • Philanthropy, connection and involvement in our local Austin community. 

Our ongoing goal is to be THE PREMIER COLLEGE CLUB SOCCER PROGRAM in the United States. We will achieve this through:

  • Opportunities for player development throughout both the Fall and Spring seasons via Conference Play, Regional & National tournament competitions, and friendly matches versus top opponents. 
  • Competitive wages for our Coaching staff in order to attract and retain top coaching talent. 

The Future—Next Steps for the Endowment:

  • RecSports featured our club in an article in their Fall Newsletter that is mailed out to all Alums known to have participated in RecSports. This article is a story on the 25-year anniversary of the 1990 National Championship team. At the end of the article, information on the Endowment campaign is given, and this signifies the beginning of the Capital Campaign.
  • Individual Alumni Leader Fundraising: Team Captains for Teammates from their Generation
  • Email campaign not enough, but we will announce it via the Alumni Newsletter sent out via Constant Contact to our updated Alumni Database.
  • Personal phone calls and contacts by Alumni Leaders to former players.



What is the Club doing currently to improve their own situation?

  • With updated contact info from rosters provided by RecSports since 1995, and through the Texas Exes VIP Database, we have been updating our Alumni Database in Constant Contact (currently 450 contacts and growing)
  • Increasing membership in the Texas Soccer Alumni group on Facebook (currently at 230, up from 70 last week); plans to communicate updates through this Group in the future
  • Increased Player Dues to $500 this year (would like to provide 1-2 scholarships for those in need)
  • Affiliated itself with BSN Sports—an equipment provider that helps provide us with uniforms, equipment and gear at a significantly reduced cost. We also formally introduced BSN to RecSports Management to attempt to leverage even deeper discounts by leveraging the over 3000 students participating in Sport Clubs at UT.

Allocations through RecSports:

  • A total of $200K is divided amongst the 45 sport clubs annually at UT. 
  • Per RecSports, this number has been stagnant/flat since 2006-07. Student Affairs has not received an increase to their budget since 2007.
  • This money used to come from the “Student Services Fee”—now it comes from general tuition.
  • The club has received the same allocation ($8-9K, roughly) for the last 20 years (per Dustin Hindman, their allocation was $8K from 1996-98). This allocation amount has not been adjusted for cost of living/inflation, so the effect is that our allocation has actually diminished over time.

Moreover, RecSports has given no indication that the allocation or the total allocation pool will go up in the near future.



The UT Men’s Soccer Club and the UT Soccer Alumni Association are incredibly grateful to our generous donors as follows:

Founders Level Donor: $5,000+

Gold Level Donor: $1,000+

Silver Level Donor: $500+

Bronze Level Donor: $100+